Welcome to our Online Store!

We have designed our online store with you in mind with the hopes that your shopping experience will be a positive one. The following is an explanation of how some of the features on this site work:

  1. Login: You do not have to log in to place an order. However, if you want the ability to view orders online, you will need to register. It is very simple and quick to do. Just click on "Account Login" at the top of the page. Click on "Register" under New Customers and fill in the information requested. Again, if you do not register, you can still place an order, you just cannot view your order online after placing it.

  2. Quick Order: If you are ordering from a catalog or past order and know the item numbers, you can just type these into the "Quick Order" form at the top of the screen along with the quantity of each item. When you click on "add to cart" or press the enter key, all the items entered will be placed in the shopping cart and you can proceed with checkout. Use your tab key to jump between fields as using the enter key will take you to the shopping cart.

  3. Postage/Shipping Calculation (We are still fine-tuning this feature, so bear with us.):
    1. US Orders: If postage is more than what is calculated, we will email you prior to shipping. If there is a shipping method as an option and the price is $0.00, that means that this option is not available for this order--please do not choose this option!
    2. Orders Outside the US: Postage will be calculated for orders outside the US automatically. If you do not put a zip code in the space provided, it will not calculate, so be sure and fill out this section. If your country does not have a zip code, enter 00000 (5 zeros). If any of the shipping methods are $0.00, this option is not available for this order-please do not choose this option!

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