Useful feedback

24 June 2004

Since I didn't see a builders 'forum', I thought perhaps give some of the builders 'out there' some additional tips. When trying to do some repair work on someone else's caravan (small job) I tried to buy some new caravan-materials... boy, are they expensive!!! What we ended up doing was to buy a complete caravan, sercond hand, in bad condition (roof was leaking, interior fine but very much outdated fashionwise) for only a few hundred euro's!!! Think of what someone could do with a) Your plans... plus b) all kinds of components (cushions for example...bath/shower equipment, handlebars, cubbords, windows and rubbers etc, etc... And think of the amount of money you could s a v e when using all that second hand aluminium plating again! All we had to do was cut it into new lengths and forms. And all the previous owner wanted to have for the old thing was for us to take it in-whole and remove it from the campsite without leaving any stuff behind ...
Maybe a tip for the potential buyers / builders ??
Keep up the great site !!!
Sincere greetings from Holland,