by Tom Shertzer

Photos at right and four below show the great job Tom Shertzer did building his wood/ply VANDAL in Pennsylvania from our plans.   Note the rugged framing we incorporate for fatigue resistance, strength, and   durability, not to mention the superior planing hull form.

Says Tom, " wouldn't believe the people who stop and look at it.  It just draws the people in and they ask, "did you restore [it]?" or "did you just put a cabin on a hull you bought?". I just smile and say I built it from scratch."

Tom is further proof that do-it-yourself builders can turn out boats that equal or exceed production jobs by using a good set of plans & a sound design. Tom has now moved on to another boatbuilding project using another of our designs - this time it's our LA PAZ. 

Note the deep-vee forefoot and integral chine flats that will assure a soft, dry ride even in rough seas.

Righting a hull may be intimidating, but it's easier than most expect.  Note the old tires that will protect the hull on it's way down right side up.

Practical, safe "big boat" features such as recessed walk-around side decks, raised bulwarks, and a deep cockpit belie the modest size of this trailerable design.

In the water, Tom's VANDAL might be mistaken for a slow, traditional tug yacht.  But she'll really scoot by virtue of her high-speed full-planing underbody.