Mailing Address:
Glen-L marine designs
9152 Rosecrans Avenue
Bellflower, CA 90706

Phone Number:
562-630-6258 (for orders and order questions only)

Fax Number:
562-630-6280 (for orders and order questions only)

Email order desk:

Technical Assistance: Boatbuilder Forum

How to place an email

General building and design questions will be answered in the Boatbuilder Forum, by other builders who have recently dealt with the same question or by our experts. Shipping and order questions are answered by phone or email.

Phone: 562-630-6258


  • IMPORTANT - Make sure you give your correct return e-mail address. We have several e-mails returned each week because of wrong addresses.
  • We try to answer all questions. To get a timely answer, make your questions clear. Ambiguous questions are much more difficult to answer and are usually put at the bottom of the list. It is a good idea to separate questions from comments.
  • Attaching photos:
    • We prefer .jpg files and cannot open any files not meant for a PC.
    • .BMP files seem to take longer to load. If sending photos in this format, send in batches of no more than three.


  • Orders are picked up once a day, in the morning.
  • They are processed, usually sent the same day they are picked up, and when the shipment is complete, the customer is e-mailed a confirmation.