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Fastening Kits

Silicon Bronze Wood


Annular Thread, Ring-Shank Bronze Boat Nails








“The boat I helped build 40 years ago with one of your fastening kits is still in use today after 40 years in salt water.” – John Anderson

I’m so glad to see you folks still going strong and that you have the best prices for fasteners on the internet, to this I say Thank You!” – Dave Lotze

Don’t waste time, money, and effort scrounging around for the proper marine fastenings to build your Glen-L design. We’ve got them in a Fastening Kit specifically intended for the boat you are building, at a cost that can’t be beat. Due to volume purchasing, we are able to offer our Fastening Kits at a price substantially less than local suppliers. Most hardware stores don’t even stock silicon bronze screws, and, of course, it’s unlikely that they will even know what a bronze annular boat nail is. The Fastening Kit includes all nails and screws in the quantity and size specified in the Bill of Materials for the Glen-L boat you are building.

BRONZE screws are genuine silicon bronze as recommended by the experts; not low-strength brass which will tend to break even in the softest woods. Our screws feature frearson-heads for easy, fast machine driving.

The nails used in our Fastening Kits are high quality silicon bronze annular thread boat nails. Silicon bronze is the ultimate choice in quality and corrosion resistance, particularly important on boats that will remain in salt or brackish waters. The cost of bronze fasteners is usually repaid with higher resale value.

NOTE: Fastening Kits do NOT include bolts or glue. Fastening Kits and individual fastenings are available in our Online Store.



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