As the transom is approached, it is often possible to use a full sheet of plywood. It may be applied as a single thickness or in multiple layers, depending on the hull shape. Only the junction with the preceeding planking strip requires special fitting. The planking, from the junction with the planking strip aft, should no longer be fastened to athwartship frames. Any overhanging pieces will be trimmed off and faired prior to applying the side planking. Note: When ordering plywood, make sure that you do not get "scant" plywood mixed with full size. "Scant" is plywood that is not full thickness; 1/4" scant plywood is 7/32" thick. This material is becoming more common and may or may not be identified as scant or 7/32". Two laminations of 7/32" will not be the same thickness as 1/2" full thickness plywood.

The second lamination of diagonal plywood is applied at right angles to the first layer as much as practical. Before applying the planking strips, the surface is liberally coated with POXY-SHIELD epoxy resin, thickened with silica filler. Fasteners are used through both layers into all contact members, plus along the plank edges to minimize curling of the edges of the planking strips. Note: The first layer can be applied with temporary screws, which can be removed before applying the next layer. NEXT