The breasthook is a triangluar shaped piece of plywood that is attached to the stem to provide a place for the sheers to attach. The breasthook is glued and fastened to the stem before the stem is attached to the frame.

Here a plumb-bob is being used align the stem. The plans have given a distance from the set-up level to the top of the breasthook. Sufficient blocking is added to raise the breasthook to the proper position and the stem and breasthook assembly are firmly anchored in position.

Since the keel in the after section of a planing hull, in profile is a straight line, it is best to align the transom by bringing it up to the proper height using a straight-edge on the keel to assure that this line is true. If a transom knee is called for, it can be used to determine the angle of the transom. After alignment the transom is anchored in position and braced to the form as necessary to assure it will not move during construction. NEXT