Glen-L Tee Shirt
Buck in his old worn Tee Shirt

My dog Buckshot is sick and tired of wearing the same dusty old Glen-L Tee Shirt. He needs some new threads. We've seen the awesome looking boats you guys create, so we know you have the creativity to think up a clever and appealing design for a Tee Shirt. Plus, if you win you'll get $250 in Glen-L Bucks. This is cold, hard dough that you can redeem on any Glen-L products. Pretty kewl, huh?

Glen-L Tee Shirt
Buck is so tired of this old shirt ...

Here's how it works:

The Glen-L Tee Shirt is a shirt for people building our boats or who want to build one. This will be YOUR shirt. What would you like this shirt to declare to the world? Think about what it might look like or say that would make you proud to wear it.

Current Glen-L Tee Shirt

By the way, you don't need to be a graphic artist to do this. You can use clip art, photos, original art (if not done by you, perhaps a friend?), or whatever--just make sure it isn't copyrighted so we don't get sued! You can use a phrase or no words at all. Whatever you think would make other builders or soon to be builders proud to be seen in it.

Gayle, Allyn & Darla Model Tee Shirt

The design can be on both the front and back of the shirt, or just one or the other. It's up to you. Use your imagination!

We need your submissions by Leap Day which is Friday, February 29, 2008.

Here's the best part…

Once all of the submissions are in, we will post the top designs online and YOU can vote on which one you like best. We won't tell you who submitted them so you'll have to vote just on which you like best. This is really going to be a team effort and we're excited to see the results. Send in your submissions today!

Think about it… what a great way to get started on your Glen-L boat with $250 in FREE Glen-L "Bucks"! Send your submissions to Gayle at

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