Boat Ladders

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Boat Ladders

Post by chugalug »

After watching "Open Water II" tonight,I see the importance of having a boat ladder.and not one of those fold-up jobbies stored in a locker.I mounted a Teak swim step and drop down step on "Chug-A-Lug".If one falls in the water-how are you going to get back in the boat?
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Re: Boat Ladders

Post by hoodman »

I have one permanently mounted as well. There's no way you're climbing over the side of a Geronimo.

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Re: Boat Ladders

Post by mrintense »

I recently saw an interesting device for sailboats. It's a safety ladder in a tube that is mounted on the side of the boat. It looks like a thru hull from the outside but it contains a rope ladder that you can pull out and then enter the boat. ... _lig_dp_it

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