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Glen-L sneakbox

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Hi All,
I have rebuilt an A.broadbill with a friend 2 years ago. New transom, 2 new stringers, topside, and haul..... It would have been much easier to start with a pile of wood.
He, my friend, built a Glen-L sneakbox. AKA Barnegat bay sneakbox.

Here Go's, I would love to build a Barnegat Bay Sneakbox. but, I want planing haul, not a displacement haul. How do you go about changing the plans? Or will Glen-L do that for you?

I don't know enough about the plans to ask the right questions.

Thanks :)


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Ps I am Cigar... Don't know what happend....


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Post by Barry »

A sneak box is meant to move easily through the water; sailing being one option. A planing boat does not do this well.

Glen-L does not do custom designs and it is probably more complicated than this, but...

The Sneak Box hull bottom lifts toward the transom (rocker). A planing boat will have more or less horizontal lines from mid point to transom. Note: "more or less".

Also, if the aft lines were straight (though not horizontal) and weight were shifted aft so as to ride on a flat part of the hull, the hull might well plane.

Realize that if you choose to sail or paddle a planing hull, it is a lot more work.


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Thank you Barry,
Do you know of anyone/company that would redraw the plans? Or is it easy to do myself? I have ZERO time working on plans/blueprints :oops: .

John :)

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Hey cigar. check this out.
Not to argue with barry, but the plans do show a power version, which is probaly a small one. If you want to really fly with a larger engine, check out and look under duckboats, believe they have some that will flat fly.

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