Moving Partially Completed Hull (Minuet)

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Moving Partially Completed Hull (Minuet)

Post by razopp » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:21 am

The reason for doing this will give some background. I have been building my boat slowly over the past four years. The frames were built in our first house about five years ago. We bought a new home, and I set-up the building form about four years ago. I hung the forms on the frame about three years ago and attached the keel, Centerboard trunk, stem, etc. over the last few of years. My reason for working so slow is I have moved twice, had two boys (3rd due in December), have two older daughters, got my CPA license, and completely remodelled my master bathroom.):D It really does fall last in my priorities, but is there when I need it.

Then my wife and I decided to sell our house and get something a little bigger. So, with the market being terrible we put it on the market last month expecting it to sit until the Spring and priced it about 5% over market. This would have given me time to finish the hull and get it moved. Well, the house sold in eight days, we had to be out in 30 days, and had a vacation planned to the beach during this time. The options were to scrap it or get it in a condition for which it could be moved. So in the last two week of August I:

1. Ripped the Chines, Sheers, and Bottom Battens from 1x Mahogany
2. Scarfed the Sheers and Chine
3. Beveled the frames for the chine/sheer
4. Permanently attach the Sheer and Chines (Epoxy and SB Screws)
5. Beveled the Stem
6. Faired the Chines and Sheers
7. Scarfed the plywood panels
8. Temporarily attached the plywood to the Sheers and Chines using drywall screws
9. Added extra-bracing to the form
10. Put it on the trailer and moved it....

With that long lead in, here are some pictures of the move. Sweet Pea is now sitting in her new "boatshed" and everything seemed to stay level and there was no twisting of the form or frames that I can see. I would have liked to have had the battens on too (at least temporarily), but that just could not happen as we had to actually pack the house too :wink:

You can also see my photo album if you want more construction pictures.






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Re: Moving Partially Completed Hull (Minuet)

Post by razopp » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:26 am

Here are the details on how it was moved.
My dad borrowed a flat-bed trailer from his work that was 6'8" between the wheel wells.
The two of us did this alone (with the help of some floorjacks and jackstands). The operation to get it loaded was
basically as follows:

Note: We added 2x4 bracing length-wise below the longitudinals on the form so
that we could lift from them without lifting on the sheers.

1. We ran a 2x4 under the bracing added above just behind Frame #5.
2. Using floor jacks on each side, we raised the bow up approximately 18"
(enough to clear the trailer).
3. We put 3" x 6' steel pipe at the back of the trailer to act as a roller.
4. We were able to easily lift and pull the bow by hand the final distance to
the trailer (about 6") and rested it on the pipe rollers.
5. I was able to lift the transom and push the boat forward as my dad added
additional pipe rollers under the form and made sure we did not hit the wheel
wells with the plywood.
6. We pulled out the pipes (using a 2x4 as a lever to releave the weight).
7. We screwed the form to the trailer floorboards.
8. We added x-bracing with a 4' 2x4 to the forms between frames 3 and 4 (at the
mid-point of the CB trunk).
9. We strapped the hull down to the trailer with ratcheting tie-downs.

To unload it at the new house we basically reversed the procedure above. I had
to jack up the transom to get the pipes under it to unload the trailer, but from
that point on it went really smoothly. The total operation took about 30
minutes each (load and unload.)
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Re: Moving Partially Completed Hull (Minuet)

Post by jamundsen » Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:09 pm

And all I want to do is get mine started. You are a human dynamo. Sometimes progress comes in its own way. :D
John Amundsen
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Re: Moving Partially Completed Hull (Minuet)

Post by gluedandscrewed » Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:30 am

know how you feel,, had to move mine 15 miles down the interstate,,,took 9 guys to load it ,,,only problem we had was when the trailer hitch came off the ball about a block from the old house,,,bruised her nose just a bit

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Re: Moving Partially Completed Hull (Minuet)

Post by slug » Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:05 am

I moved the Titan hull to the new house(new Garage/workshop!!!) but it was on its dolly/cradle. In order to get around the U-Haul limitations on what you can haul on a "car" trailer, we had to call it a Chevette (light enough to be towed with my Ranger)
Another "adventure in moving" :lol: :lol: :lol:

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