Test your fuel! easy ethanol test.

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Test your fuel! easy ethanol test.

Post by vupilot »

A lot of us worry of the effects that ethanol added to todays gasoline will have on our engines and are aware of the harmful effects it can have eating older style fuel lines, gumming up carbs, etc. Or maybe you just want longer shelf life of pure gasoline compared to E-10. So many of us go out of our way to get Ethanol free fuel where it is available. But how do you really know you are getting pure gasoline? Well, I read of a simple test today in GA-News. Some of you may know about this already but here is the very simple process.

You only need 2 items for the ethanol test. A jar and some food coloring. Just put a sample of fuel in the jar and then add a couple drops of food coloring. If the fuel has ethanol in it the food coloring will disperse evenly in the fuel. If the fuel is pure gasoline the food coloring will stay little drops and not disperse. Simple.

Now you will have peace of mind that the fuel you are going out of your way to get is really what you think it is.

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Re: Test your fuel! easy ethanol test.

Post by ttownshaw »

Cool Chris....I'm gonna try it.

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Re: Test your fuel! easy ethanol test.

Post by Lowka53 »

Chris I swiped this and posted it on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Home.Made.Boat.Building I thought it was worth while to share with my followers :wink: 8)
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Re: Test your fuel! easy ethanol test.

Post by Paul Kinneberg »

Great info thanks for sharing!!

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