Future weaather of boating and Sailing boats.

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Future weaather of boating and Sailing boats.

Post by thudpucker »

I'm pretty old. I've been outdoors fishing and hunting since I was 10 in Water Crafts. Some of them were pretty dangerous too, and I proved it so!

There's lot's of Babble on Global warming.
Each of those opinions is somebody stroking themselves in my opinion.
The Global weather cycles, in and out, etc for the last million years or so. You can see it in the Arctic ice.
So we are going to have more and more windy days. No matter what you might think is the cause!!

So I think.... :lol:..we'd better learn to Sail!
We are going to be fraught with more windy days. It's in the Ice! :wink:

Those little 3 Meter sail boats ought to be on everybody's Weekend List.
Remember this, it's in the Ice!

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Re: Future weaather of boating and Sailing boats.

Post by McNabb45 »

Haha, you know ive lived in New York for almost 6 years now, and I call B.S. on global warming. 17 degrees where I'm at and that's a lot better than the -30 with the wind chill we had two weeks ago! :lol: However, there is quite a lot of wind! I better get busy on my boat!
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Re: Future weaather of boating and Sailing boats.

Post by John K »

I love to sail and today would be a good day for it (at least with the wind we are having). BUT the temp would freeze you to the bone. Bad part of sailing is places on the lake are expensive to store a sail boat or you wind up having to raise the mast every time you want to use it. AND it gets old raising the mast. LOL

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Re: Future weaather of boating and Sailing boats.

Post by slug »

You could also go winter sailing. I know this is done in Quebec, but couldn't find it. Think they're called frostbites.
This is from NY.
https://larchmontfrostbiting.shutterfly ... ctures/161
Verna and I have been off New York in November and awoke in the Hudson with ice and snow on the decks..back down below and turn up the kerosene heater. :lol:


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