Heart Attack!!

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Re: Heart Attack!!

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Dave; By my calcs, that's only a week ago! Give it some time. (Keep in mind some people don't get that far after an attack!)
I was pretty weak for a few weeks after my surgery. It's quite a traumatic hit to the old system. If you have any doubts' look up the bypass procedure and actually see what they do to the old bod. It will amaze you.


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Re: Heart Attack!!

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OMG Dave :shock:
so glad that you got your butt over to the ER! that is scary stuff.
take a little time with your guitar and do some heavy R&R before getting back to your weightlifting. :roll:
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Re: Heart Attack!!

Post by tsmitherman »

Glad you're OK, friend.

Yes, I experienced the really good feeling when resting, but had no stamina for walking or any other strenuous exercise.
You have to understand that you've had MAJOR surgery and it will take a while to get over it. Don't overdo it!
When they told me "You're going to be sore for quite awhile", I though they meant a week or so. It was more like 4 months!

In my case, the surgery and the BP medicine that I was put on had an effect on a rhythm problem that i'd had all my life. Then I developed another issue which caused my heart to miss every other beat when I put it under any stress. So 3 months after the bypass surgery I got a pacemaker that truly has made me feel 20 years younger!

I'm 10 months out from the bypass surgery, and my sternum still hasn't healed completely - still moves when I cough or push on something. The doctor says we'll give it a couple more months, then talk about more surgery.

Take it easy. Do mild exercising and give yourself time to fully recover. Things will get back to normal, but it takes longer than you think it will!
God Bless.
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Re: Heart Attack!!

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Dave; I fully concur with Tom. One thing that I've done is join a cardiac rehab program run through my local YMCA as required by my cardiologist. It is a well monitored program by people who know their stuff, and I have really enjoyed it. Met some nice people, and am building up some serious strengths and staminas after the surgery.( haven't met Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohen in rehab yet :shock: :lol: :lol: )

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Bob Maskel
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Re: Heart Attack!!

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Just saw this Dave, give it time and let things heal...you were a smart man to head in when you did and not wait til it got worse. I'm quite sure it saved you from real damage. Glad to hear you are on the mend...take care!!
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Re: Heart Attack!!

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Glad you did the right thing. I started to feel odd when we started our new tennis season a few years ago. Different that just tired, more like a weight on my chest. Due to the location of the blockage, a stent was not an option, so the whole zipper routine was required. Not fun, but better than the alternative.

I recently lost a friend and co-worker to an attack. He was having these symptoms, but didn't go to the doctor.

I would strongly advise anyone who has any odd symptoms to go see a doctor and get it checked out. Your family and friends will appreciate it.
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Re: Heart Attack!!

Post by cusoak »

I am 1yr and 2mos after having quad bypass. And I can say that I have not felt this good in a long time. It sneaks up on you a little at a time. Then after things get fixed and you do rehab which your doctor should recommend after some time. You will start to feel Great again. I have not trouble doing anything I want to do.
Hang in there.

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