boat "rocking horse"

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boat "rocking horse"

Post by DaveLott »

Ok, folks, I need some help. I was just notified that I will need to be building a classic boat "rocking chair". :D :D :D

So sounds like some shop time in store. But I cannot seem to find any plans for one. Does anyone have a lead for me for a set of plans?
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Re: boat "rocking horse"

Post by billy c »

Congrats Dave! :D
maybe take the basic idea from these and add the deck and windscreen and horn and lights and prop and engine :lol: your pace, should have that done in less than a week!
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Re: boat "rocking horse"

Post by Lowka53 »

:roll: Dave I checked my old plans I have quite a few plans for kids stuff but could not find any boats. Have you thought of reducing the Rivera plans and build a miniature of it :wink:
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