New Members and lots of them.

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fergal butler
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New Members and lots of them.

Post by fergal butler » Sun Nov 30, 2014 11:32 am

I can't get over the amount of new members we had join up lately maybe it's down to facebook or the amount of boating forums and photo galleries that have popped up over the last few years that these boat are getting out there in a big way and people are seeing what every day joe soaps are building in their garages and then looking at one of those white plastic boats that everyone else owns :D
I'd be interested to know what brought you here, for me I had no money to buy a boat so I went looking for plans to build one having never seen a Glen-l boat before I was amazed at what guys with very little or no woodworking skills were turning out so I had to give it a go and with the help of the forum I am now one of those guy's with no woodworking skills turning out amazing boats :D It's also great to see over the years the number of newbies becoming teachers under the watchful eye of the headmasters in this Glen-l school that never closes it's doors to those that want to learn and where every student leaves with a smile on their face.


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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by jenko » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:25 pm

Fergal I was in the same boat :lol: not enough to buy so build. It is bit like getting a loan to buy that boat you dream about but can't afford , I only have maybe another 6 months of installments :lol: :lol:

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by benpetre » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:54 pm

I have always wanted a barrelback since my early childhood memories of cruising around in my grandparents with my dad at the helm. Our family boat went to my cousin on the west coast when they died and so now my only recourse was to build or buy. I have been building furniture and a few Chesapeake light craft kits over the last few years. I always like to have a project going so this seemed to combine the desire for a bb and a project. Also, i am hopeful that this build will involve my children and I can teach my kids about woodworking and engines. Valuable lessons I learned early on. I will have to be happy driving a clorox bottle until this is done.
After. Cousin did a wonderful job.
After. Cousin did a wonderful job.
The inspiration before the re-build. Coming outbooutbox lake headed to seattle.
The inspiration before the re-build. Coming outbooutbox lake headed to seattle.
My most recent boat build
My most recent boat build
Ben Petre
Annapolis, MD

Building the barrel back 19 ever so slowly.

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by mrintense » Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:58 pm

My dream started back in the late nineties when I went on a houseboat trip with a fellow who had built his boat (a three decker no less!). From that point on I wanted to have a houseboat and I figured with the price of them babies, I would have to build my own as well.

Then in 2009, a little despondent because my houseboat dreams had still not come true, I found the Glen L site, saw the beautiful boats being built, and the bug was planted. I wasn't in a position financially to start but I spent a couple of years dreaming about a beautiful wooden boat. Finally in 2012, I decided to bite the bullet and started the process rolling. Now, a little less than two and half years later, I am well into my Vera Cruise build and I know that I will have a very unique boat when it's finished.

And like Jenko said, I am buying this as I go, so it's like installments on this beauty. Best part of this is that when I finally float her, I won't owe any money (except possibly for the engine :( ). I knew from the get go that the old saying "The happiest days are the day you buy and the day you sell" was primarily caused because people have to finance their boats and then over the years have to keep making those payments and not getting enough use out of the boat. So pay as you go is the way to go.

Anyway, I look forward to the day when I can take mine out for a spin and answer that question we all love to hear "Where did you buy this?" :) :)

Crafting a classically styled Vera Cruise

Carl's Vera Cruise Build

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by Lowka53 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:51 pm

:? I love camping and fishing I wanted some thing I could do both with but I live on limited income. my boat still is not built due to city ordinances not on building the boat but building the shop to build it in I do have a 14 john boat partially put together in a portable garage but with the temp swings here you really need a temperature controlled shop. we get one or two months a year of idea building weather it is either to hot or two cold. I found Glen-l on line when I decided to build. it funny when I was in the navy i only live down the street from them I wish I would have had found them then. :|
Don't be afraid to attempt anything. You might surprise your self in the attempt.
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Rod H

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by gdcarpenter » Mon Dec 01, 2014 3:43 pm

I came to building my ZIP the same way I get myself into too many things, bass akwards!

I had fully restored a 1958 Mercury Mark35A outboard and SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) got tired of it being on display in our living room after a couple of years of it sitting there. Personally I thought it was kind of 'Art Deco'ish' and didn't look too bad. Heck, visitors would walk right by it and not even notice it, perhaps the big plant my wife put there helped :)
This is my first, last and only boat build.

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by cusoak » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:11 am

I got hooked on antique wooden boats back in 2005. Went to work at Home Depot after retiring from my Custom wood furniture build company after 26years. I met a guy there that had run a local ACBS Chapter in Columbus Ohio. When on break's he would talk about the boats had owned and worked on. Sounded interesting, so on line I went. Found that on Ebay there were many options to buy. Found that Century boats pretty much came with big V8,s in them. Started to go to some local boat show's and fell in love with the sound of the motors in the water.
So started the search and found a 1966 Century Resorter that was in my price range and we bought it. Used it for 2 years then it needed Bottom work (it leaked). So with the help on my son and daughter we restored the bottom. After that process my son suggested that maybe we could buy an old boat and fix it up and flip it and do another one. Well knowing what I had spent on the one I just finished I did not think that would work out to well.
So jokingly said lets build one. He was all for that. So got on line and found that Glen L Marine sold plans and patterns. Did some looking at the different boat plans and chose the Zip.
My wife said she liked the looks of that boat and maybe we could tow it to different lakes and explore them .
So for Christmas of 2009 I got a set of planes. The next day we went to Home depot and bought plywood to make patterns and that is how we got started.

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Andy Garrett
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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by Andy Garrett » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:01 am

We were frequent guests on friends' boats when my wife and I embraced camping at the lake a few years back. Since most of our camping crew had boats of some type for pleasure or sport, we wanted our own. We were considering a simple 4cyl sterndrive type in the $5000 range. I started looking at pictures online. That's when I saw a picture of a wooden boat and clicked on it. It was this website.

I had no idea people could build their own boats from plans! How cool is that?!

Already a tattoo artist, a knifemaker, and general 'handy type guy', I knew that I could learn and execute the required tasks. That confidence and my distain for the ordinary drove me to building my Zip. Honestly, I just wanted to be able to say that I built it when someone asked what make or year it was.

The 3.5 year build (paused to become a pilot) was the most rewarding undertaking of my life. I am now confident that I can do pretty much anything if I apply myself. I am now strongly considering building an airplane.

This is the first boat I've ever owned or operated.
Andy Garrett

Perhaps the slowest Zip build in Glen-L history...

fergal butler
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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by fergal butler » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:56 am

Great stuff guys keep them coming :D I just added photos of my builds feel free to do the same, lets see what you got even if it's just a plank :lol:

John K
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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by John K » Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:44 am

When I was about 9, my dad ordered and built a 14 ft Cris Craft boat. I would help him "sand" or so I thought I was doing great work. I guess that is when the bug bit. Then at 16 I saw a plan for a boat and dad said lets build it. He helped me with setting the frames etc, but I did all the fairing with his guidance. To say the least it took until I was 21 to finish it. It was a summer thing and when I had the money.

Since then I have built 2 kayaks - one from a kit and then from plans.

When I retired, I decided I need something to do during the cold months. So here came the flying saucer. I since have sold it, but still talk about building it to friends and other boating enthusiasts.

I now have sold my cedar kayak to a friend that wanted it for his man cave. So it too has a good home.

I love old wooden boats and still look at boating sites for old CC and Richardsons.

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by chugalug » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:38 pm

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Brad Tucker
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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by Brad Tucker » Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:24 pm

I have always loved woodworking, and boating. 18 years ago I built a canoe, and got the crazy idea that I'd love to build a sailboat. But, I'd want to have it on the ocean, which is 4 hours away. As the years rolled by, I got kind of bored building furniture as a hobby. I wanted to do something different, so I started building acoustic guitars. I liked building things with flowing lines; not squares or rectangles. Twenty something guitars later, I decided to build a kayak, which turned into 2 kayaks, because my wife wanted one as well. A year or so ago, the boat bug hit me again. I sold both my yaks for what I had in them to a lady in Vancouver. She paddles them all the time, and we stay in touch. The canoe went to TN, and is hanging in a living room. I sold them to get initial funding for my current project. My wife and I spend a lot of time on the lake, so the Tahoe23 was chosen. And here I am. You can bet your butt I won't be selling this one!

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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by specialk » Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:40 pm

When I was young, I lived in Melbourne Fl..At the end of my street a guy was building a Tri-maran.. being a kid ..I had a million questions about this project,,, so he taught me to sand and told me about living on dad work for NASA and was layed-off ( we kept the house) and moved to Mobile Al... Many years later, I moved back home and rented the house from my parents... My friend.. almost done with the boat told me he was ready to set sail and soon would leave...and he was right ..I was working odd jobs.. and came home in the middle of the day and there were two cranes blocking the street and had his boat the air...headed for a 18wheeler... they took the boat to the Indian River .. and put the boat in the water...I would go down and swim out and help him finish the rigging...then he and boat was gone...

I have thought about building a boat every day ...from that moves on you get married have kids... then you have to sell your Harley... then the 73 Z28 is sold off ... kids get know you do not want them to go to school there so you move...

Still thinking every day about building a boat ... You have built a nice wood shop in your back yard ,,,then somthing magical happens... you wake up one day and find out your boat plans have been delivered...!!

Kelly Building the Flats Flyer...and with any luck Flipping her Dec.14..
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Bill Edmundson
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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by Bill Edmundson » Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:12 pm

:? Since Fergal brought this up 3 months ago I've thought about it. I don't have a real good answer. I've always built things.

I remember building dams and floating things in spring runoff along May Avenue. May Ave. was a dead end, dirt street across from our house. I remember getting scrap wood at my grand parents' house and making toy battle ships. They were top heavy and I guess they bought some dowels for the guns. I remember, building tree houses and dugouts. We stole the wood from Mr. Smith junkyard. God knows how many nails that I pulled and straighten with a hammer in the driveway. I built Soapbox Derby cars with a jig saw, drill, a hammer and a manual screwdriver. I learned a lot from a friend's father. Big Jeff taught me to drive a tractor, a bulldozer, bird hunt and overhaul an engine. (And eat oysters and drink beer.) I worked in a department store, I learned to run a switchboard, unload trucks, do layaways, clean bathrooms, change lights and kill rats with a stick. I worked at a truck equipment company building fuel tanks and fifth wheels. I built a Popular Mechanics sailboat. It was 3 sheets of plywood and two boards, an aluminum mast and polyethylene sails. I built decked canoe kits(C1s) and have run the Grand Canyon. I've jumped out of airplanes. I designed electric power plants for 39 years. I've always built things. I'm not a great woodworker.

All that rambling, just to say "I don't know where it comes from." What do you learn and where?

Gayle's brother, Barry, asked me to put together the pictures of the Tahoe build. We hoped it would help others. I hoped the forum would help the boats get better and better. And, they have!

I know, I find it rewarding to see the smiles on your faces when you launch. I know how it feels!

Mini -Tug, KH Tahoe 19 & Bartender 24 - There can be no miracle recoveries without first screwing up.
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Re: New Members and lots of them.

Post by slug » Mon Dec 08, 2014 5:38 pm

My first boat was built from barnboards stripped from an old building and dragged and carried ( I was 10 yrs. old at the time)about 3/4s of a mile to be assembled near the water with square nails , oakum, and tar. When I launched it down the hill (flat bottom) it hit the water and shortly continued on the same angle.
Next was a Yellow Jacket from , I think, Mechanics Illustrated, that I built in the basement when I was about 17. I powered it with a Merc 20.
Next a Minimax...same Merc 20!!!
Next was another MI plan, probably another Glen L, small runabout around 12 feet with the same Merc 20.
Then a maybe 15 foot with wings, graduating up to a Merc 40.
Then downsizing to a simple and cheap (just married now) duck boat.
Then four cedar strip canoes built from scratch on my own metal form...two for myself and two with acquaintances.
The next was a major big one. A 34' steel Ted Brewer designed Kaiulani, that we sailed to the Abacos and back in 2000/2001, and was sold in 2003 and had been sailed to Ireland and been to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, a couple times around the British Isles, The Netherlands, has been in the Med. for several seasons and is now in Italy.
Next was the Titan Tug Grace Parker, which has allowed us to cruise the complete Trent Severn system, Georgian Bay, and the Rideau Canal.
This Friday we will be delivering Grace Parker to her new family near Toronto.
Then on to the Gentry, after I finish turning a Dodge Caravan into what I call our "Roadtrik" RV, complete with small galley, sleeping bunks/seats, and a real toilet. The plan is to do a cross country trip out to the west coast this coming summer.
It's been a fun ride for 65 years, and I've enjoyed every last bit of it. I've also been blessed with a wife/best friend for 53 years who has supported me all the way. ( she did all the interior mig welding on the sailboat plating! )
I've never made money on any of these builds, nor have I lost a lot either. But, the experiences and enjoyment have been priceless.

Doug Harrison

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