Goofed again

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Goofed again

Post by chugalug » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:30 pm

:roll: Must have goofed on fibreglassing the boat.Got fiberglass kit from Glen-l and there was 3 different bags of cloth The 2 bigger bags were for bottom and sides. one piece looked like it was wider so used it on bottom.Now I cut the other package in 1/2 put it up on the sides.Lots of extra cloth on sides But both sides were 1 1/2 ft. short :roll: Used anyway and will patch in the small piece .Hope its ok.A tip for all you guys that are going to fiberglass soon-If you do the bottom first -don't forget to tape off the sides with paper or plastic.I didn't think of it so spent most of this morning-grinding off drips and runs. :?Great News!!Just got box from Glen-l folks Will be watching movies tonight :lol: Of Bill and Hankinson.Wiring and what knot :lol:
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