Water World (Next, Please.)

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Water World (Next, Please.)

Postby John Bowen » Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:30 am

One Day ( :wink:)
To think all that Future Stuff that we (well, some of us :roll: ) read about years ago, is here today.


The guy I'm following around, The Great Loop. He is going to take a tour of this craft today, it's "parked" by LULU'S (Jimmy Buffett's sisters bar, off the GICW.) He had a few drinks with these guy's last night and got invited for a, lookaround.
Here's they'er web site, http://www.earthrace.net/
Also, while I was looking up EARTHRACE, I came apond this: http://blogs.business2.com/waterlog/exp ... index.html Some kinda neat stuff (I guess).

Just thought I'd bring ya up to date (well, for us old and older ones :roll: ) on the happenings off the water world today.

OH yah, for those that want to look over LULU'S: http://www.lulusathomeport.com/menus/barmenu.php Maybe we could hold a Gathering around there, One Day :wink:
One day.

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