Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon (or Roberta Hegy)

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Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon (or Roberta Hegy)

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So, it's a slow day here at work, so I am of course thinking about and researching all things boats and planes.

I recently purchased a Continental O-200 to power my Pietenpol project and need a propeller to get me in the air.

In my research into wooden propellers, I found a listing on Barnstormers for a Ray Hegy propeller. Knowing that you, Roberta, have been around aviation for many years and built at least one airplane that I'm aware of, I wondered if there might be a familial connection. One web search later, I found a decade-old post on the Van's forum, where someone had asked if you were a relative of the noted aircraft designer/propeller maker. He was you husband's second cousin as I understand.

It seems that the circles I frequent are often overlapping.

Small world...
Andy Garrett

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