Revolutionary Portable Boat

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Revolutionary Portable Boat

Postby vapera » Sun Jan 21, 2007 6:28 pm


I developed and patented, in 1997, a personal watercraft that can easily become a multi-user aquatic vehicle. It competes directly with kayaks, canoes, shells and indirectly with jet skis, pedal boats and any other vehicle of same size and purpose. Due to its maneuverability, it creates new concepts in watercrafts competitions. It is the most portable of all small aquatic vehicles.

Bic Sport/Antoine Fritsch made a kayak (yakka) with the same concept and design, but it didn´t reach the real revolutionary essence of my vehicle. Yakka even won the Paddler´s Pick for innovation award of Paddler Magazine - January/February 2006!

The royalties rights of my patent are limited to Brazil where I haven´t been able to produce it due to lack of money and support, because in this country it is easier to break the inventor and take away his patent.

Anyone interested in producing the concept of my patent outside Brazil is welcome to do so - since I can't produce it, I'm interested in becoming a dealer of it here.

This topic is intended to debate my invention and maybe encourage its production.

If anyone is interested in dominating the Brazilian market, please contact.

Additional information about the project is available at:
If you want to skip intro and go directly to the site in English, please click the link below:

Thanks for your time.


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