living on a boat with out going falling apart

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living on a boat with out going falling apart

Postby weevar » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:11 pm

I have live on a boat as of today for 3 years and i got tips tricks and the truth behind being a livaboard. if you want to live like i do before you even try it live on the streets for a week with out help with only the comforts you would take aboard your boat then if you still want to live like that then go for it. there's not much difference between the live styles.

if you live aboard a boat tlyou cant stay in a place for long. gett an job you can run online like a craft you can profit from or a wrighting career such as a blog or magazine. i my self do how to research for writers and create carbon fiber art and vehicles like small boats bikes and drones.

decided how to support yourself before pick a boat. you pick you boat base on your living needs like a fishing bat for frishing or boat tours support. a small boat that produces electricity for the online entrepreneur. the craftperson like me needs a bigger boat for work space material and tool storage your job is your sorce of income flmost of your food and maintains your boat so take care of it.

next you need to not stay multible locations throught out the day. staying in any unpaid location for to long will get your boat taken away but if you move your boats location a random it is a lot less likley to cause problems.

i myself am always trying to build whats in demand and ask my customer what whos looking for what and to pass the word on to the comunity. next is if you moving to other city don get attatched to others it hurts when you move away and it will take pratice

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