Building your own shop/garage.

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Building your own shop/garage.

Postby slug » Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:28 pm

The last 2 shops and last garage that I've built boats in, I've built myself. The large one for the 34' steel sailboat was 28 x 48 with 16' ceilings and fully insulated and heated (with wood and the welders :shock: :lol: ).
The next one was about 20 x 30 with a 10 foot ceiling and heated with an old oil furnace and a wood burning stove.
The last one at the refurbished home we are now living in is 16 x 26 with a 11 foot ceiling in the middle raised section. It is heated with an overhead gas heater. The front of the garage was removable in order to get the Titan tug out the front. After that a regular door was installed.
All these buildings had trusses that I built myself to spec. The reason for doing this was twofold.
First off it is cheaper. Secondly it allowed me to built two heavy duty trusses that were capable of supporting a complete hull; both for turning over, and fitting to a trailer.
Two trusses in the selected position required to sling the boat were completely clad with 1/2" plywood, glued and stapled on each side.. Then at the appropriate location a wide steel plate was though bolted to the truss at a chord and a U hook welded to it. This has allowed me to lift the boats easily with chain hoists.
The attached photos, though poor quality due to the bright sun, give you some idea of the advantages.
View of the chain blocks.
Suspended from the ceiling .

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Re: Building your own shop/garage.

Postby Gayle Brantuk » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:22 pm


Very nice--that's real dedication to building a boat when you have to build a structure to build it in!

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