GPS Theft Device

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GPS Theft Device

Post by specialk » Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:50 pm

So ....I have been looking into GPS device that hides in your if it is stolen you can activate the device to find it...I am not the best tech..type person....
So looking for advice. .if anyone has installed one, are if you know anything about them ...
Thank Everyone. ..kelly
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Re: GPS Theft Device

Post by galamb » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:08 pm

There are few systems such as "Lojack" that could provide that service (one time $700 to $1000 equipment/set-up, but limited coverage to major population areas, so if your boat ends up in a "non-coverage area" it becomes part of that 10% never recovered).

There is also the DIY versions where you basically put a kinda/sorta "cell phone tracker" in your boat. But must be kept charged, you need to pay for WIFI/Data service for it so it can send you it's positional data (track it on your own cell phone/computer) - again though, if it's not in cell coverage it's of no use.

I live in a rural area and coverage is spotty. Where I hunt/fish there is no coverage. There is a few spots on my lot that I could park my boat and it wouldn't "have coverage" to be able to track it so the value of these systems really depends on where you keep your boat and where it might end up if stolen.

I always figured for the cost of such systems, either upfront or ongoing, I just added a rider on my house insurance for full replacement cost of the boat/rigging etc which cost me less than 20 bucks a year. No that won't stop it from getting stolen, but neither will the other options, so for me, replacement is just as important as "maybe" finding it in whatever shape it is left in after being stolen...

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