Barrel Zip Indefinitely on the shelf!

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Barrel Zip Indefinitely on the shelf!

Post by gap998 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:39 pm


I’ve decided to indefinitely shelve my Zip build and it’s all Josh Burk’s fault! (OK not really)

I was originally planning to work my way through a number of builds – Zip, Overniter, Tahoe-Overniter, but the house & multiple job changes meant it’s been nearly 3 years since I bought my plans and I haven’t even started yet!

Bill & Carl gave me some good advice when I joined the forum, to build the boat you want, because it’s a big investment of both time & money and you may not have the energy to do it more than once.

The fact is the Zip was only ever going to be a stepping stone to a bigger boat, but despite this, I know I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than the kind of finish Joshua has achieved with his boat, (which would be essential if I wanted to sell it on anyway). Joshua has been over 3 years on his, so scaling that up, it’s a long time until I get the boat I want. I also started to realise, although a modified Tahoe was the boat I wanted, it’s not really the boat I need. What I need is a cruiser!

I had in mind some sort of raised deck design like a Pettersson, Breedendam, Elco or Matthews with a convertible or covered cockpit for the British weather. After some browsing, I found the Matthews Martinique.
I think the rakish lines offer some of the style of a classic runabout with the space & practicality of a cruiser. I browsed through the Glen-L catalogue for a suitable hull for a scaled down version.

The central part of the UK canal system has locks that are only 7’ wide so beam is limited 6’10”; nothing in the Glen-L catalogue really fits the bill. Hulls with a suitable beam could not be stretched long enough. A move to the dark side was necessary and I found a Stitch & Glue design from a British designer with a 6’10” beam which could be extended to 24’. The hull design also offers a good compromise between canal & estuary/costal use – The main Canal system is about 2 hours tow away but I live ½ a mile away from the Bristol Channel so I can maximise the boat’s usefulness.

Although the performance of the hull is good, the aesthetics of the cabin design are decidedly utilitarian! I’m proposing to build a bespoke superstructure resembling the Martinique onto the basic hull structure.
Martinesque 27 White.jpg
Martinesque 27 Topless.jpg
Although this is not a Glen-L design, I would like to share my build on the Glen-L forum as would not have the confidence to build this boat if it were not for the information and experience shared here. Secondly the design & construction could be relevant to builders of similar Glen-L designs such as the Cabin Skiff or CS20

Maybe one day I’ll get back to the Zip but in the meantime I hope you’ll all indulge me.

Planning a whole fleet, but starting with a Zip...I think.

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Re: Barrel Zip Indefinitely on the shelf!

Post by mrintense » Mon Jun 04, 2018 6:41 pm


Choosing the design you really want is the right choice. No need to build up to it. But understand that it does take time. The best thing is to get started. Work on it everyday, even if its only to wipe down parts in preparation for the following days glue up. It'll get done eventually. And don't worry about not learning on the Zip. As I am sure you have seen by now, there are many novices here, yet the boats do get built.
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Re: Barrel Zip Indefinitely on the shelf!

Post by sproggy » Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:16 am

Gary, when I started reading your post I thought immediately of the Selway Fisher Orwell (24' commuter launch that I think is very attractive) but that's not stitch'n'glue and it's too wide. Go on - you're going to have to own up eventually - what are you building?

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Re: Barrel Zip Indefinitely on the shelf!

Post by StevenRi » Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:13 am

Seems to me you may be overthinking this a little bit, Gary. You should just elope and get on to it, whatever you decide to build. You'll learn a ton in the process, I bet.

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