Throttle cable length on a Malahini

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Throttle cable length on a Malahini

Post by jkwatson »

So I got a bit ahead of myself and had a 1964 85 HP Mercury rebuilt for my Malahini, and the deal also includes the throttle control/cable assembly. My only problem is that my build is not at the point yet where I can take any measurements for the throttle cable! Can anyone provide me with the cable length they used for their Malahini?


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Re: Throttle cable length on a Malahini

Post by Hercdrvr »

The length of the shift and throttle cable isn’t as critical as the steering cable. Your throttle will be mounted in the neighborhood of frame #3 which is about 9 ft from 3ft (1/2 the beam) ... another foot from the front of the motor to the where the linkage connects inside the the motor...another foot or so for the engine to articulate. So about 14 or 15 ft will be plenty, lots of room from motorwell to engine to take up slack, big loop vs little loop. Room inside from motorwell to frame #1 to take up long slack too.
Matt B

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