I like the new board!

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I like the new board!

Post by xc5 »

It may take some time but the new style board will be much more friendly to search when we have more posts in the 'data base'. Like someone posted earlier to bad the old board could't be archived.
hmm.. anyone know some high school typing instructors needing a class typing assignment? lol just a thought
Thanks for the upgrade

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Graham Knight
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Post by Graham Knight »

I have to agree. After experiencing initial difficulties signing in which was very frustrating, I'm now getting to like the new board.
It certainly seems to be livelier than the old one which would often go days without a single post, being a member of mailing lists that number their daily posts in dozens it seemed almost dead in comparison. I guess everyone was just too busy building their boats to actually come on line and talk about it!
Graham in Shepperton, England

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