exhaust hardware question

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exhaust hardware question

Post by Colin »

I have two exhaust manifolds for a small block chev and only one elbow/riser. It is OMC, not sure on the origional application as I bought off ebay for my project boat. I have had little luck locating another used riser and the new ones are terribly costly. My question is this: does anyone know if another riser( ie off a Mercruiser or another plentiful and affordible brand) will fit my OMC manifold?

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Dave Grason
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Post by Dave Grason »

Colin, where are you located?

Maybe we can peruse the local boneyards and help you find the correct piece that you need................ unless you're on the other side of the pond.
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Post by Guest »

I'm from Canada. Do you have access to boat parts?

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Post by kens »

I know of 3 companies that cast exhaust parts as replacements for the factory made items.
Barr Marine
Aqua Power
They make generic replacement parts for cast marine manifolds, thermostat housings and stuff.

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