Attaching keel

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Attaching keel

Postby Joris » Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:38 am

Been working for 4 months and got the frames all in place, checking the lines and making the last gussets and cleats to fasten them. All goes well and today i suddenly asked myself how the keel is attached to the frames? The original documentation for this boat (Hacker 20') says it should be through bolted to the floor tie with 3/8" bolts up to frame 4 and from these aft with two 5/16" fasteners. But, since i'm cold molding, things change a bit.
I was planning to laminated the keel in 2 pieces (or more if needed) and secure with screws. Would it be sufficient to use long no12 screw through the keel into the floor tie? Or should i use bolts? Advice appreciated!

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