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Glen-L 14: Fastening bench seats to Gussets

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 12:55 pm
by pnbooth
Hi all. I built the Maria Luisa in 1982 and have just given her an overhaul with laminated bench seats. Naturally, I don;t want to put screws through 9 coats of meticulously applied varnish. And there is very little room between the hull and the bottom of the seats. Any ideas on invisible fasteners that are easy to remove? I was thinking of male and female latching slides like they use in furniture making but I doubt I can get them in stainless or brass.

Re: Glen-L 14: Fastening bench seats to Gussets

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 2:13 pm
by gdcarpenter
Two thoughts.

If space is tight below hopefully there is enough room to 'turn a wrench'

That being given, option 1

Get ye (forget what they are called) but they have wood screw threads on one end that you could screw into the underside of the beautiful bench, and the other end is machine screw threads that would drop through a hole in a support and be 'nutter' from beneath. Might be tricky finding them in stainless steel.

Plan 'B'

To secure my floatation below my deck I found brass pieces that are coarsly threaded on their outside, and they get screwed into a pre drilled hole in the underside of your bench. These brass pieces have, internally, machine threads that will accept a machine screw that you could put in from below. If I recall correctly they are somewhere between 1/4"-3/8" long, so the thickness of you bench would be the determining factor. But with brass or bronze or even stainless steel machine screws you would be fine corrosion wise.

Guess you didn't figure this part out before refinishing the bench, "It's another fine mess you've got us in Ollie,"