Rust proofing after cutting threads

What kind, options, etc.

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Rust proofing after cutting threads

Post by Scot2640 »

I need to make up several very long bolts for my build (some as big as 40 inches). I found a good price on 5/8" galvanized bar stock that I can cut to length and thread to my specifications. I don't want to use SB rod, sticker shock!

After I cut the threads, and there by remove all the galvanizing from the bar stock in the threaded area, what is the best way to treat the exposed steel to prevent/avoid the threads rusting? Epoxy? Paint?

appreciate the input.
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Re: Rust proofing after cutting threads

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Best I can do for you. ... categoryl1: Fasteners"|~ ~|categoryl2:"600169 Rods 9and Studs"|~ ~|categoryl3:"600173 Threaded Rods"|~ ~|sattr02:^3/8"-16$|~

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Re: Rust proofing after cutting threads

Post by SunFun »

At my last job in a sheet-metal shop, we used to weld galvanized sheet metal often.
Some of the customers required us to spray ZRC Zinc on the welded areas that we ground or burned off the galvanizing in the weld process.
I don't know how it performed over time, but we charged them extra for it and they still wanted it, so I gotta believe it did some good. ... QM1FX567TC

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Re: Rust proofing after cutting threads

Post by rleete »

Plain old Home Depot threaded rod is available in "stainless". Not great stuff (I'm guessing 304 series), but it's better than plain steel.

Another solution, if you've already cut your bar, is to try something like plasti dip. Available at HD as well.

If you need to keep the threads clean, I suggest at least trying a gun bluing solution and oiling. Available at most sporting good stores.

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Re: Rust proofing after cutting threads

Post by slug »

Loctite makes a never sieze product that has either a copper or some other base that works well, especially keeping SS threads from siezing.


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