finding the waterline... while staying dry

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finding the waterline... while staying dry

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OK, based on advice from this forum, I got some interlux 2-part primer, micron bottom paint & brightsides polyurethane for above the waterline... now i just need to find out where the waterline is. :shock:

The boat is a Glen-L 15, built as close to plan as I could get it. I know many folks wait until the boat's in the water -- but it's easier for me to do it now, and I know once it gets in the water, I won't want to pull it out. Also, it will normally be heeled, so waterline isn't absolutely critical.

Color is sapphire on top, shark white bottom.

Is there a way to figure out waterline from the plans? Any other suggestions?

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Re: finding the waterline... while staying dry

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I painted my waterline to plan specs while it was upside down.

The waterline location should be in the plans somewhere, usually relative to the setup level. + or - an inch or two.

I recommend painting the designed waterline, then when it is in the water - move weight around if necessary to get the boat to sit on it. That way you know the boat is moving through the water as intended.
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