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Epoxy & Clear Coat - Articles and Musings

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It's a long way off but started researching clear coats and came to this conclusion:

If it's flexible and doesn't change the colour of the wood it's easy to apply but easy to scratch and requires frequent maintenance but that maintenance is easy and simple.

If it's hard it changs the colour of the wood and it's harder to apply but more scratch resistant with less frequent maintenance but greater difficulty to 'touch up' small dings or redo.

To wit I found two articles. The first is comparing Epoxies, and GlenL epoxy is not in the mix, so to speak.


The Second is evaluating clear coats and bottom coats and is 'real life' testing of products.

http://clearstreamwood.com/WordPress/ka ... asion-test

Near the bottom of this article is a link to an update of the results that I found most intriguing. Seems the author is very fond of Interlux VC Performance Epoxy for a tough bottom coat - this tickled me pink since that's what I just had sprayed onto my ZIP's bottom.

He also seems favoured towards Perfection Plus Clear Coat which is one of the products I've been interested in to date.

I would welcome any and all feed back on Clear Coats that you have used and your impressions of them. I understand some here are enamoured of SM-1000, which while new, seems promising, albeit with a somewhat painfully slow cure time as I understand it.

For what it's worth I'm planning on leaving my 'bright sides' 'dull' for now (sanded epoxy finish at present) until the deck (and the boat) are completed and 'shoot' all of the aforementioned at one time - ergo I'm looking for a product suitable for both the hull sides and the deck.
This is my first, last and only boat build.


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