Which Paint??

Painting options, interior and exterior.

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Which Paint??

Post by AdamnTexan »

I will be sanding the epoxy fiberglass coat on my 20ft flats flyer this weekend and applying the system three primer that I have already purchased from the Glen l store.
What type of paint do you recomend for the bottom to be applied on top of the primer?
This boat will be mostly trailered but used in salt water.

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Re: Which Paint??

Post by rbrandenstein »

Several of us have used the System 3 WR-LPU poly paint. It is water based and doesn't have any noxious vapors. It dries fast and can be recoated several times in a day.
If the weather is too warm, it can dry too fast and leave marks at the overlap. I used a foam roller and then tipped it with a foam brush.
I painted my bottom Mercer Green and like the way it came out.
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Re: Which Paint??

Post by Roberta »

I also used the System Three WR-LPU Mercer Green. As long as you don't moor the boat extensively, you should be fine with this product. High humidity helps in getting this paint to flow out well. Do not over thin it with water and lay down thin coats. You can recoat about every hour or two, so you can build up very quickly. Roller or spray is best. I used the Yacht primer on the bottom under the WR-LPU. I also used the clear on the deck, sides and interior. It is really nice to be able to water cleanup and no smell.

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Re: Which Paint??

Post by Trackhappy »

I used a 2 pack poly called Northane. Nice paint, tough as anything, but dangerous to spray and hardens fast so rolling is a bit tricky. I would have used INternational Brightsides if it were still available which is less problematic but also less tough.
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