Sequence of Events for Painting

Painting options, interior and exterior.

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Sequence of Events for Painting

Post by jgiando45 »

I currently have my squirt hull enitirely fiberglassed. i plan to paint the bottoma nd leave the sides bright with varnish. i was wondering what the proper squence should be.
What grit sand paper is best?
Which primer and paint brands are best?
Should I varnish over the paint to seal it in or should I varnish then apiant or should I keep the paint and varnish separate?
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Re: Sequence of Events for Painting

Post by Bill CNC »


Paint preference is something that you need to decide on before any of the questions you asked can be answered. Once you figure out the system you want to use, ... the directions will tell you the answers your seeking such as primers sandpaper grit so.

Also, ... I would make a phone call to the MFG to see if you can varnish over the paint. All in all, ... no matter what system you choose, ... it all should be from the same MFG to avoid any incompatibility issues.


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Re: Sequence of Events for Painting

Post by vupilot »

Hey Joey, good to hear from you again. Glad to hear the Squirt coming along.

Stick with well know marine paint brands and you wont go wrong. Pettit, Interlux and System Three seem to be the most used and people on the forum can give you lots of advice with those. Im a huge Interlux fan after using it on my kayak. Wonderful results and easy roll and tip application for a do it yourselfer. Good paint isnt cheap but its worth it. Half a gallon of primer and paint each should be more than enough for the bottom of your Squirt.

As for the sequence, after fiberglassing the bottom and sides I primed then painted the bottom and sides only to the waterline. Your paint will give instructions on the correct primer from the same brand and what grit to sand to prior to painting. Generally, its not finer than 120-220 so the paint has something to grip to.

Then after flipping and all the other wood work was done on the entire boat and it was time to varnish before launching I varnished the sides down to the waterline but left the last 1" above the waterline bare because the last thing I would do would be paint the 1-1/4" wide boot stripe so didnt varnish where the stripe would go, only enough to underlap the top edge of the stripe. Then I painted the stripe barely overlapping the bottom color by 1/8" and barely overlapping the side varnish by 1/8".

You dont want to varnish over your paint, most varnish is not actually clear and it will yellow the paint somewhat. The paint adds plenty of protection itself.
A good paint job is all in the prep, spend lots of time sanding.

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