whats the safest paint removal on ply substrate

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whats the safest paint removal on ply substrate

Postby scimitar » Sun May 25, 2014 3:27 am

Hi to all

Im not known for cutting a long story short....so I wont

I acquired Witch of Endor III, a 21ft Lorne Campbell tunnel/cat boat last year that still had the same paint on it from its build back in 1983....

And as a testament to builder Gordon Wright of UK even today at 6ft you would say its damn good which in part was due to the boat having lived its life in a garage since 1993 that being last time it was actually in the water (and its not got wet since)

when I got her I put her to the front of my property covered and thought it would be fine....NOT....constant day and night temp changes caused the skins and their frame fixings to minutely move resulting in a pattern of little plugs 3-4mm being pushed up in the deck and thwarts top coat and cracking the paint skin like a case of 8" spaced measles.

So.....back to wood and repaint

and back to my question

heat gun or chemical peel and if chemical whats best to use....

after which its CPES primer and back to hand painted original finish

The pics precede the problem but other than the measles this is the original paint ...30 years old

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