Painting my Sabotina.

Painting options, interior and exterior.

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Painting my Sabotina.

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Hello all... I finally finished building the 7'6" Sabotina. I'm kinda stuck with what paints to apply on both inside and outside. The pram is built using mahogany. The boat will be used as a tender for my sailboat. It will be in fresh water for 3 months of the year, uncovered.
The inside is presently bare wood while the outside of the pram has a coat of fibreglass resin followed by cloth and then 5 more coats of resin. I plan to apply interprotect 2000 below the waterline but undecided what to apply above the water line.
Interlux has bilgecoats, primers, bright side...etc. Home depot has latex, enamels.... house paints?
Open for suggestions....Thanks.
Ray Vickers
Timmins, On. Ca.

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