Fixing cracks

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Fixing cracks

Post by Jimbob » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:07 pm

In case you can't get rid of a crack, here's something that might work for you.

This is something that finally worked in repairing cracks and where the seam between the lamination in my coverboard opened up.
I tried famowood filler, epoxy, many coats of varnish and nothing worked. I also had a couple of stress cracks on my king plank that would not go away with many coats of varnish. Not to be beat, I kept trying and came up with something that worked perfectly.

I carved out the crack with carving tools to a depth that would take the filler. The filler that I used was an epoxy filler that can be smoothed out with water, and sets in about 5 minutes. Next was to sand the filler even with the surrounding area. The filler won't take stain so I mixed up some acrylic paint to match the stain and grain and sprayed it on the filler line with an air brush. After all of that, I sprayed a number of varnish coats.

Below are some pics.

The completed repairs.
The unfilled groove on the left and the epoxy filled in the groove on the right before sanding even.
The carving tools (they make a "v" shaped groove) and the product I used.
Jim Neeley
Building a Barrelback in Sacramento, CA

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Re: Fixing cracks

Post by vupilot » Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:43 pm

Pretty slick idea with the airbrush!

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