poweryak consersion.

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poweryak consersion.

Post by china »

hi, do you think it could be possable to cut the tapered stern of the poweryak and put a transom in for an outboard.

the reason i ask is that on the thames kayaks and canoes dont need insurance much like pushbikes dont. if i get caught out with the tidal flow i was thinking of haveing an electric trolling moter in, rather than having the inboard system installed, so i can raise the trolling moter when beaching.

i think it would help with beaching to as there are very stoney beaches up and down the thames and i would have to beach at low tide.

i was thinking of putting in a 2' wide transom just behind the back seat.

would this affect the boat in any major ways?

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Post by boat-bill-der »

I have no clue how this would affect the boat, but I have always thought it would be a cool idea and would ove to see some pics!

Have you tried it yet?

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Re: poweryak consersion.

Post by slowpoke »

I don't see the reason for shortening the hull, less hull, less boyance. A gas motor on a kayak? Then you need fuel lines, filters, fuel tank, and a gas mask.

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Re: poweryak consersion.

Post by Cranky Badger »

Slowpoke, As I read it the OP is looking at using an electric.

China, I can think of two issues with your idea. Squaring off the stern isn't a usually a big problem in and of itself, however if the motor has its power cables coming out of the tiller handle you'll need to extend them quite a bit.

In its normal configuration, the Poweryak has the tiller handle mounted at about the center of the boat. With the factory leads attached, the battery(s) can be mounted far enough forward to trim the boat for the operator's weight. If one mounts the motor on the transom (presumably with the tiller handle still attached?), the motor battery(s) and operator are all concentrated around the aft seat.

The other issue is that it looks like you would need to make an extension for the tiller handle, depending on just how much you want to shorten the boat. The boat's beam looks a bit narrow to comfortably sit 'semi-sidesaddle' as you need to when using a transom-mounted tiller-steered outboard.

I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but it might be an option to incorporate some protection for the motor to allow you to beach it, instead of trying to reach back and raise the motor. You could build it with a fixed skeg and fair the motor body into it, or make a blade for a kick-up kayak rudder that has the motor faired in.
The latter one is something I'm working on and I think it's going to work out pretty well. I'm putting the speed controller in the cockpit and steering with foot pedals like a normal 'yak.

Of course you could also just mount the motor on the side of the boat next to the cockpit as well. You'd definitely want to put a rudder on in that case.

The thing I like most about building little boats is playing around with ideas and see if they work. So do let us know how you wind up building it.

Now go make some sawdust ! :mrgreen:

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