Fred Murphy Diesel Electric power????

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Fred Murphy Diesel Electric power????

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Hi this is my first post- i just bought the fred murphy plans and i want to investigate inexpensive diesel electric propulsion

later ill build a large houseboat/barge to be pushed by the Fred Murphy.

so here is what i wondered- I was thinking of using two high torque 10 hp golf cart motors making it a twin screw. using an fnr swith and a controller and throttle for both. or maybe even two seperate controllers. then use a small 5000 watt diesel genset and either an alternator and a motor to run the alt to charge my system, or a simple 100 amp battery charger for quick charges w/ 120 v off my genset? using lead acid batteries.. making it effectively a diesel electric...would that be enough power(2x10hp golf cart motors?) using larger dia props and geared for torque? i know it wont be fast but im looking for torque not speed.

i have another interesting option: fro 200.00 on e-bay i can buy a used 25 hp 220 v dc electric motor- shunt wound and 1150 rpm cont. duty.

this is very robust, and is an industrial motor.
it weighs in at 650 lbs!
would this develop more torque than a golf cart motor of the same hp?

my only problem is...i know i could use 24 batteries in series for power, but what would i use to control speed and fnr?
any ideas?? i sure would love to use this electric motor, as my guess it has massive torque for a large diameter prop and towing power etc.. same idea for battery charging. run a series of two truck alternators off a small 120 volt 1 hp motor at 3750 rpms plugged into The 5000 watt genset. It should be enough then to charge my batts fast. and perhaps run the engine too using some kind of an inverter when the batts are charging?
or if there was a way to convert the ac 240 volt ac to 240 v dc then i can run the boat on the 10 hp 5kw genset?.

i sure would like to hear any ideas by anyone who knows how to set up a large industrial dc motor???

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Re: Fred Murphy Diesel Electric power????

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Ask a local golf course if nothing else and see if you can convert the varible speed switching mechanism for your build.

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