Barrelback 20'

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Re: Barrelback 20'

Post by mrintense »

Always exciting to see chrome getting fitted or installed. Getting closer Will! :D :D

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Re: Barrelback 20'

Post by alycat »

Bayou... all the Lakes you mentioned I’ll wouldn’t mind taking cruise!!! Yes it would nice to see the boats all together..

Got a question for the group.......

How important is it to screw down the cover boards?

I have everything epoxied down and the first layer of cover board is screwed to the shear...

Also, I have gotten all of my finish sanding done before staining.... soooo I didn’t know if I needed to go back and screw and install the bungs?????

Thanks all!!!!
Will Manwaring
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Re: Barrelback 20'

Post by billy c »

Will, I screwed the coverboards down. My nightmare was one day when run hard into something the whole sheer would spring open without them.
...yet I have kayaks without a single fastener :lol:
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Re: Barrelback 20'

Post by tegel »


I`m also building an Barrelback 19 (stretch to 20) i have an ZF 63 a gearbox (with 8 degree down angel) i planning to have an Volvo Penta 5.0 GL V8, does any of you gays here on the forum have a simular engine in an BB 20? I have try too find the exact length on this engine but can't find it.....
Regards Tommy E.

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