Tip for planking staples

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Tip for planking staples

Post by falconer100 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:21 pm

For those using metal staples on the mahogany layer, here's a little tip to get rid of the holes left after pulling the staples, first, get a bowl of water and a towel, then go undercover and raid the missuses laundry cupboard if you know where it is and grab her iron. If you survive getting out of the house with it, plug it in and wait for it to heat up to a very high setting, while your waiting, soak the towel with the water and place over the mahogany (or whatever wood your using). Place the iron on top of the towel (don't put it directly on the wood) and wait for about 20-30 seconds, there will be a lot of steam and keeping it on the towel for short periods wont hurt the epoxy underneath.
Take the towel off, let it cool down, the wood will dry very quickly as it cools and you will find all those pesky little holes will have vanished.
All you need to do then is smuggle the iron back into the house before she misses it.
Bear in mind that although Raptor staples are good, if you want to leave the wood natural with no stain, your going to be left with hundreds of cream coloured spots in the wood if you just sand the staple bridge off and being plastic they break easily if you try to pull them.
One more little tip, I found the easiest way to pull the staples was to fire them through an old seat belt webbing, when the epoxy has set, one good pull and the staples come straight out.

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Re: Tip for planking staples

Post by rleete » Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:29 pm

An old carpenter's trick. Nice to see some of the old hints passed on.

Instead of sneaking the wife's iron outside, you can buy inexpensive (less than $25) sealing irons. They are used for heat sealing plastic coverings on radio controlled aircraft, among other things. They are also much lighter and easier to handle than a full size clothes iron. Make sure to get one that will heat up to 350 degrees or so. The cheaper ones will work, but they may take a lot longer.

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Re: Tip for planking staples

Post by kens » Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:45 pm

I got access to the Mrs" garment steamer.
It makes a lot of steam.
I disconnected her garment steamer hose, and made a wood steamer hose myself, so that her original garment steamer assembly is uneffected.
Oak is over rated, everything about it takes extra time; then it warps, splits or checks !!! :roll:

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