Prop placing/angle etc.

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Re: Prop placing/angle etc.

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Here is a link to an archive article of a builder in Florida who also used a 4.3L V6 in a Barrel Back. He may still be in contact Butch Barto (on the forum) and could give you some insight as to what prop he is using and some performance numbers. ... .html#tate

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Re: Prop placing/angle etc.

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I run a 13x16 w/1" shaft on my Tahoe at 20'6". I have a 125/115 Yanmar diesel (3900 rpm) w/1.23 reduction gear. That means that I only turn about 3000 rpm at the prop. I get WOT of about 38 mph or 61 kph. The next 10 mph or 16 kph will take about twice the HP. 16/1.23 = 13 pitch. I think the BB and my Tahoe will be close in weight. My boat is a little bigger. But, your engine is bigger.

I think 13x13 is right.

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Re: Prop placing/angle etc.

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Thanks Bill,
Glad your there. As always, I'll take your advice.

Ps: I have a fair bit of sanding to do... fancy a holiday in the UK?

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