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A forum for contacting other builders of Ken Hankinson designs. These designs are now a part of the Glen-L family.

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Scrambler Design

Postby RobP1 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:00 pm

I'm looking at building a 15' 6" scrambler design. I haven't yet ordered the plans but in looking at the sketch provided I have a few questions concerning the motor well. I would like to build it with for and aft casting decks. With the motor well you lose a lot of space. I'm not sure if the option of eliminating the motor well is provided in the plans. Can the motor well be eliminated if the transom is beefed up with say a knee brace. If so should a jack plate be added to the transom. Or could the motor well be built with a lower profile and a cover made that could be removed when the motor is trimmed up and then replaced when the motor is lowered?, completing a solid casting platform at the stern .Thanks, Rob

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