Lookin to help with boat build in Chicago

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Lookin to help with boat build in Chicago

Postby whsoxfan » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:27 pm

Hello Everyone

New to the forum and would like to help a forum member with their boat building project.

I can't commit to starting my own build at the moment, due to personal reasons , space, time constraints and college looming. Now just is not the right time, but I am fully committed to lending a helping hand to anyone lookin for help, especially White Sox fans! Too bad about those cubs falling apart.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago ( zip code 60517) and can travel to NW Indiana and maybe to Kenosha. I am a tradesman, so no stranger to hard work. Have insurance, tools etc.

Baseball jokes aside, I am considering building the barrel back 19 or Biscayne model 22.

Just get back to me if you might be looking for help. Thanks

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