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A forum for contacting other builders of Ken Hankinson designs. These designs are now a part of the Glen-L family.

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Re: Carolina Angler Build

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Old school gas engines gave about 10HP-per gallon-per hour. So, 310hp would burn 31.0 gal/hour.
If they say your newer MPI gets 11hp per gallon per hour, I'll buy that.
But, that is WOT @ 310hp.
Cruising your only gonna make about half that or 15/gal/hr.
Oak is over rated, everything about it takes extra time; then it warps, splits or checks !!! :roll:

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Re: Carolina Angler Build

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So~~ 15 gal/ hr cruising and 14 nautical miles /hr and 200 gal gas...185 nautical mile range... Or there about.

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