Key Largo Update - Boise, ID

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Re: Key Largo Update - Boise, ID

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Bryan...thought I would weigh in. I'm far from an expert, but I'm about a month or so from dropping an engine in my build, so I've been thinking about some of the same issues, albeit not as dramatic a change.

I'm concerned about motor position and how it will affect the balance and the performance of the boat. I suspect that there are more potential problems with an engine placed too far forward versus one placed too far back you suggested, the barrelback is the same design with the engine a full frame further back than the Key Largo.

My main concern is what shifting the engine back would do to your "floor plan." I've got my back seat and floorboards roughed in place. There's not a lot of room between the seat and where the engine box will be...If you move your engine back, say 15 inches, the engine box might be continuous with your rear seat. The rear seat is pretty narrow and the engine box will be 26" plus...something to think about.

I checked the Glen-l site, a new prop shaft is under $500, but I get it, this is an expensive phase of the build. I just received my Smith's CPES and my wife saw the invoice and the metal cans and said "$300 for that? " I followed with a lecture about the virtues of CPES.

Some other this on the power boat page as you might get a more general opinion or...PM Roberta or Bill...

Good luck,

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