Coastal Cruiser vs. True Grit

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Re: Coastal Cruiser vs. True Grit

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ALR wrote:
Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:17 am
A couple of more questions. I realize I am getting the cart before the horse in asking about details when I haven't even decided whether to build, but here goes:

What about having the front windows with a reverse slant? I see some boats have this, and it seems to me the windows would not get dirty as fast from rain and spray. When I say "reverse slant" I mean slanting in the opposite direction of a windshield of an automobile. Any thoughts about that?

Also, what about motive power? It seems to me that outboard motors would provide the most flexible and economical solution. Any pros or cons?
I'm right there with you on putting the cart in front of the horse. Though I have chosen and purchased the plans for my intended design, the True Grit. It's currently still in development while I try to save funds for the build, which has hit many roadblocks.

I also considered different slants to the front windows. I have decided to go with the same slant your thinking of doing. I mainly chose to do that to cut down on glare while running at night but also to help it shed water/spray.

As far as power, I am choosing to do an center mounted inboard. Main reason for that is to have no obstructions off the stern for fishing. I also wanted to keep as much weight close to the center to help maintain balance since i'm also adding a bait tank.

Keep in mind, I haven't started yet and for all I know my design may change so take what i'm planning with a grain of salt. Best of luck with your choice!
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