Barrelback 19 in Michigan

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Barrelback 19 in Michigan

Post by tgauthier »

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there is anyone in Michigan who owns or that is currently building a Barrelback. I would like to take a look at one. Also, I would consider buying a Barrelback 19 project that someone has started and unable to finish. If anyone has any contact information, please share it with me. I have the bug to build another boat. Here is my contact info:

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Re: Barrelback 19 in Michigan

Post by Roberta »

Don't have a line on anything at this time, but will keep your quest in my thoughts. I share the building bug, too. :lol:

Roberta :D
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Re: Barrelback 19 in Michigan

Post by JimmY »

No line on a barrelback, but give me a call if you need help with the flip.
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