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set up line

Post by admjake »

Hi all
I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question
The top of the motor stringers are to be at the setup line, frames are to be notched 1/2" into the stringers. Does that mean that the bottom of the frame is to be 1/2' wider so the bottom of the frame will be at the setup line?
Part two is that I have cut the bottom of the frames to the setup line. I am pretty sure that notching the members is structurally important but the fact that the stringers are 1/2" lower than plan does this have serious consequences?

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Re: set up line

Post by PeterG »

If your stringers are per plan dimensions, the notches in the stringers are at 1/2" deep per plan and the frame bottoms are per plan you are good. I don't recall any boat designs using stringers where the frame bottoms (top edges when hull is upright) are on the setup line. I could be wrong, it's been a while since I looked at my Key Largo plans.
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Re: set up line

Post by TomB »

Have a look at sheet 4, the cross section through the frame. You are correct, the top of the stringer is the setup line. Make the frames per the full size template drawing. The bottom of the stringers are notched 1/2" to accept and locate the edge of the frames as they contact the bottom of the stringers, therefore, the frame (floor timber) is 3" above the setup line when the boat is upside down.


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