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Re: Rub rails

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FYI, all, I've given up on the bow rub rails. Everything else on this 7-year adventure I've managed to figure out pretty well. But this bend/twist has got me. After heating, bending and just making things worse, I'm going to turn the problem over to Sierra Boat when it gets to Tahoe in April. It will be interesting to see what magic they can apply to this problem. For me, it was wasting a lot of time and becoming depressing. 14 feet long, so every time I wanted to fit it, I had to have my helper come over. The photo you see of it looking like it's on was when it still had about 1/2" to go in on the underside, over about 4', and this was with incredible tension on the rest. No way the screws were going to pull that in. Anyway, I'm happy to have put that aside so I could move on to varnishing. :(

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